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RE: AMSAT Journal, Membership survey, ARISS/Human Spaceflight- Meisse Reply -


>Your support of P3E is fine and we all support this fine bird, but please
>don't trash AMSAT NA in the same sentence. AMSAT NA is making substantial
>effort in support of the -DL effort and these same people will be helping
>with EAGLE I & II. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.. It is not an: "Us or Them"
>situation. AMSAT-NA is busy, as we speak, working on the Eagle birds and
>needs all the support we can get. This is a VERY expensive undertaking. I
>hope we can count on all AMSAT members from around the world in this massive
>undertaking. It is going to take ALL of us pulling on this rope!!


Gunther, I'm not "trashing" AMSAT-NA in any, way, shape or form.  I've been 
a member and supporter since Oscar 7; 25 years come April 05.

I am just of the opinion that ISS and FM voice LEOS interests will not 
support a HEO, and that any money that is spent for either effort will not 
promote support for anything more sophisticated (read $ and effort)....

So I'm just going to change the rope on which I am pulling.....

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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