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BNC T connectors ..................

After hearing that some hams are using a BNC T connector to combine the two 
bands of the arrow antenna, I  decided to design a simple diplexer. I wanted 
the diplexer to have a minimum number of parts with decent isolation.


1. The filter uses two chip caps, one chip inductor and two short pieces of 
50 Ohm coax.

2. The 144-148 MHz side of the diplexer has a notch of >50dB at 435 MHz to 
kill any harmonics.

3. The 430-440 MHz side has about 30dB of isolation at 144-148 MHz

4. Insertion Loss is less than 0.1 dB on both bands.

5. Return Loss is better than -17.5 dB on both bands.

This design could be better but I only had 10 minutes to work on it. There 
might be a way of simplifying the design and improving the performance.

The PDF file can be downloaded here:


Pieter, N4IP

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