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Re: Elk Antennas for HTs?

I don't think the duplxer is a must for HT satellite operations.  My dual 
band HT (W-32A) has a built-in duplexer.  The duplxer in the Arrow antenna 
allows my duplexed HT to use two seperate antennas.  Since the Elk is dual 
banded, this "extra" duplexer (?un-duplexer?) is not required.  The big 
downside is the high probability that the 2m transmitter will desense the 
70cm reciever.

As for a handle on the Elk, I think I have enough scrap aluminum to fashion 
a handle for it :^)

Karl R. Sandstrom, K5MAN
(no fancy titles included) 
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