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RE: Mode V: was (AMSAT Journal, Membership survey, ARISS/Human Spaceflight)

>> I think a 10 meter uplink/2 meter downlink is a great idea technically
>> from a practical point of view, I believe, it has one big problem. The
>> potential for interference from the many illegal "free band" stations
>> have taken over our 10 meter band.
>From what I can tell they tend to inhabit the CW portion of the band, not
>the satellite sub-band. Can someone else speak to this?
Keep in mind that this transponder will be on an orbiting platform. I think
the problem is even worse in Asia and the middle east than it is here.
I think that Mode V is a good idea and I'm sure it can be done. I just think
some planning would make it work better.

Steve .. AI7W
LM# 2270
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