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Re: AMSAT Journal, Membership survey, ARISS/Human Spaceflight

>>> ransomk@yahoo.com 10/19/04 11:13:19 PM >>>
>.. maybe a proposal to put a linear transponder on the 
>ISS would be worth investigating.

Naval Academy has a proposal for another PCSAT2 like
system for external mounting on ISS.  The proposal
includes a linear transponder.  The project is "approved"
by the Experiments Review board, but it is the bottom
item on the list of about 30 projects.

But that is where PCsat and PCSAT2 and ANDE and
RAFT all started too.  And all of them are soon flying.
Our Project (above) is called SCIENCE.  Space Classroom
International Education Network Communications Experiment.

If it gets approved, it houses 5 transponders.  We will build
three of them and  we "assume" that someone else in AMSAT
will build us the linear transponder and the SSTV system.

So anyone who has the talent and wants to start building
a linear transponder, I think it wouild be a good investment
though we have 0 funds at this time.  I favor a 10m uplink
and 2m downlink 30 kHz wide transponder for many
technical reasons I wont go into here...  see:


ModeV is a name we made up for upside down ModeA

de WB4APR, Bob
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