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RE: Computer control & 38k4 data with ICOM IC-R7000

Hi Sion

> 1. What software is available for doppler correction on this receiver?  I
> am using Nova for Windows as my satellite tracking software.

You may find WispDDE supports your RX in conjunction with Nova.

> 2. As the computer CI-V interface (CT-16 or something) is not readily
> available here, is there any way to build this interface? If so, are there
> any circuit diagrams available?

The CT-16 allows linear transponder passband tracking between two ICOM
radios - one on the uplink and one on the downlink. For the purposes os a
digital transponder, this is not required. You will need a level converter.
ICOM have a CT-17 for this, but you can build one yourself (many examples on
the web, for example http://www.cqham.ru/ci-v_icom.htm).

> 3. There is a 10.7 IF output on this receiver.  The only use I know for it
> is for ICOM's TV unit, but I have not used it before.  Will this output
> work directly with the Symek TNC3 for 38k4 data without any internal
> modifications?

You need a Symek 10.7MHz IFD between the 10.7MHz IF output and the TNC3.

73 Howard G6LVB
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