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AMSAT Journal, Membership survey, ARISS/Human Spaceflight


Thanks for your article on the membership survey.

It is pretty clear that the members have spoken.

While the tables did NOT reproduce properly, I think
it is easy to interpret the results on ARISS/Human spaceflight.
The table caption is also not a Yes/No question so I am
interpreting this as reporting "DO YOU support human space
flight participation?".

72.43% of the members surveyed voted FOR continued ARISS
Human flight comms support.  100% of the control group did (AMSAT insiders).

<=7% voted against it and 20.68% didn't care or didn't

Educational outreach was a huge winner and I see ARISS as
a major component if not the major component in the K-12
educational support which was the target of that response
(according to the table).

I hope that this will settle it.  Detractors of human
spaceflight are in a 14:1 minority with yes 3/4 and I don't
care 20%.  To say that the majority is not representing you
is false since we are spending most of our "non-membership
support" right where you want it.

Give it a rest.

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