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Re: Elk Antennas for HTs?

Emily Clarke wrote:
> The Elk antennas are nice, but they don't have any kind of handle, so 
> unfortunately it's very difficult to point.  Also, you can't use the Elk 
> for full duplex since it doesn't have a duplexer.
> 73,
> Emily

Hi Emily,

I'm using an older Icom IC-W32A which I believe is full duplex. The Elk 
Antenna website (http://www.elkantennas.com/2m4405element.htm) says:
> # Two bands with one coax fitting. Use your dual band HT for satellite contacts.
> # No duplexer required, no duplexer loss, no duplexer power limit, no duplexer cost!

I've been outa' ham radio for several years so I don't make any claims 
about knowing what I'm doing but it sounds like this'll do it.

You're right it doesn't have any sort of handle but I don't mind making 
something out of PVC. I'm sure I can build something for less than what 
Arrow wants for their duplexer....just trying to get into sats cheap.

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