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PCsat Test Tuesday 0910 EDT

PCsat Demo Tues Morn  0910 EDT:

Since PCsat lives again (briefly) and for once she has
a pass during class time, I want to have a test/demo
during this pass.  The lab is supposed to be about
telemetry which should be easy enough, but we may
as well work some contacts too.

Being careful not to overload her, feel free to include a
salutation in your Posit comment field.  We will try to 
respond.  Again, posits once every 2 mins is more than 
adequate.  Only one has to get through for success. 

PLEASE LIMIT Transmissions.  We will be setting
10 second telemetry and that will be quite a load.
So no more succcesses than 2 maybe 3 per station
if loading is high...  And only try once every 2 mins or so.

DIGI call is VIA RELAY on 145.825

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