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RE: FCC Adopts BPL Rules - Powell Gives Ominous Warning

General commenting on some commenting.

> Chairman Powell had the last word however...(he)...warned
> amateurs, in essence, not to stand in the way of progress. "But let me
> underscore," the Chairman concluded, "the potential for the American
> economy is too great, is too enormous,

$7,384,000,000,000 debt is surely a good incentive... Only to say without going OT BPL its more a money 
question than a technology question. Just look at the  Cordless Phone saga. As soon as they reach saturation 
whats next Lazer phone....

 too potentially groundbreaking,
> to sit idly by and allow any claim or any possible speculative fear keep
> us from continuing to drive this technology and drive America into the
> broadband future."

See below

Taken from http://www.rac.ca/regulatory/plc.htm

1. BPL is unsure 

          A paper on BPL, published by the society for science and technology of the Dresden Technical 
University, concludes that BPL efficiency suffers from the mains “impedance instability” resulting from 
totally uncontrollable consumer on- and off-switching. 

2. Right now, BPL is an outdated system 

          Electronic devices and modulation systems used for BPL draw on the latest technical developments in 
order to assure proper data transmission on since long heavily polluted power wires. Compared to alternative 
techniques, the BPL data transmission system, with a data rate limited to some 2 MB/second, does not even 
match ADSL (data transmission on telephone wires at 8 MB/second) commonly presented to the public. Amateur 
radio operators consider cable TV data transmission a valuable alternative. ADSL also, provided that nearby 
amateur radio frequencies be protected by adequate filtering. These amateur radio reserves do not in any case 
extend to future alternative solutions such as fiberglass cable, microwave systems for small cells or the 
oncoming UMTS mobile system.  

3. BPL is exposed to eavesdropping and malicious jamming 

          Like all radio signals, BPL can be intercepted and copied by anybody in the home or building. 
Therefore, providers will take steps to secure BPL transmissions. Protection efficiency will depend upon 
securing measures, which ordinary end users cannot control. Users have no means to evaluate risks and cannot 
decide when to protect themselves. Since no connection is needed, eavesdropping is easy. Considering the 
expected numbers of users, illegal copying will rise to unheard of summits, and the foreseeable lack of data 
security is extremely high. Since radio transmissions are exposed to interference, a user terminal can easily 
be disturbed by a nearby jammer, even with low power.  

"Do you wonder why the proponents of BPL are able to portray hams as a
bunch of technically backward old koots who practice an obsolete and irrelevant
hobby and "stand in the way of progress"?"

That's the cheap argumenting of anyone who wants to promote their own selfish interests. We often see on this 
BB this kind of argumenting. There is probably as much "technically backward old koots" in the BPL promoters 
than within our ranks. But one thing is sure we "have old koots".  Its not an "obsolete and irrelevant
hobby" but an aging hobby and not aging  by his technology but aging by a natural human process called aging 
as in  becoming old.

BTW Up here in the north we wait for some BPL test conducted in some test area. What the outcome will be i 
don't know but there is less and less area not covered by broadband acces. 

P.S. You know when you are old when your weekly drugs bill exceed your foods bill.

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