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AO-51 - Digital mode U/V

Hi All,

  I have been trying to receive the 9k6 downlink on 435.150 but with no
success over the last 24 hours.

  I know that all it sounds like on the speaker is noise, but I should be
able to detect its presence with the discriminator meter (or so my
experience with sats like UO-22 tells me). I also have the waterfall
displays of DigiPan and MixW running. But I get nothing!

  I can here the voice repeater quite stongly, so I think the antennas etc
are OK.

  Any ideas anyone? Is the digital carrier on continousously, or only when
there is a packet to send? If its "idling" how over does it key up/send a
beacon packet?

  Any tips would be gratefully received!

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