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Re: major AMSAT outreach project

> Maybe ariss should be funded like Echo, at least that way you would know
> where the membership really wants to spend the money.  Actually
> everything should be funded by donation, only operating expenses should be 
> funded
> by dues.  Maybe with lower dues and Initiative funded projects everyone
> would be happier and see amsat do more what they want.
> Keith N6ORS

I imagine we would get a lot less done.  If we were to each have our own 
projects  We elect our board to make decisions and prioritize, if we don't 
like the decisions we should elect different guys.  IMO the ISS stuff pays 
in many intangible ways.  For Example:  When company X either donates or 
sells to us at cost some hardware they probably do a little checking with 
their friends in the space business (NASA).  It probably helps a great deal 
when NASA says, "oh yeah, we know AMSAT they work with us in the program to 
educate kids with ISS".  On the other hand if NASA were to say, "oh yeah, we 
know AMSAT they are a bunch of crotchety old hams always looking for scraps 
and hand-outs."  We probably would go wanting.

Good PR with kids is hard to beat.  It's like giving discounts to senior 
citizens.  It costs a little up front, but generally yields solid returns.

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