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Re: major AMSAT outreach project

>One would think if AMSAT spent more time/money focused on 
>building satellites that AMSAT would have a fleet of them 
>up there LEO and HEO. after all thats why I became a member, 
>thinking that AMSAT put satellites in orbit not to educate 
>Joe Blows kids on ISS.

Joe Blow's kids just might get a ham license and come and join us in the fun.
Isn't that worth the trouble to educate the Blow family offspring? Or do you
care so little about amateur radio that you don't care if it continues on
after you leave this world? 

I've never talked to astronauts in space and I don't have their QSL hanging in
my shack, but that's not the real issue for me. I work on Amsat and ARISS
because I want to give back to amateur radio for the benefits it has given to
me from my early childhood until today. Do we want to justify the continued
existence of ham radio in the 21st century, or just let it die out when the
current population goes SK?

(For those not familiar with American slang, "Joe Blow" is a fictional name
that is meant to designate some anonymous unknown citizen, similar to the
famous "John Doe".)

>Chairman Powell had the last word however...(he)...warned
>amateurs, in essence, not to stand in the way of progress.

Do you wonder why the proponents of BPL are able to portray hams as a bunch of
technically backward old koots who practice an obsolete and irrelevant hobby
and "stand in the way of progress"? Because every time some hams try to make
progress and do something relevant and valuable they get shot down and
criticized by other hams who can't see any value in it. We must all hang
together or surely we will all hang separately. 

Dan Schultz N8FGV

Various persons wrote:

>Is AMSAT spending membership dues on NASA project (ARISS) or is 
>this outreach program funded by direct donations like the satellite >program
(EAGLE). if membership dues are being used for this why? ----

>I'm GUESSING that AMSAT money is being spent on ARISS; and maybe 
>that is why we never get an answer...Money down the tubes, in my >opinion...

>ARRL does all the hype about it, I also wonder how much they are 
>contributing to that pot..If they are the staunch supporters, 
>they should assume the whole project......
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