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Re: Need source for replacement relays for KLM satellite antennas

At 10:09 PM 10/14/2004, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a source for replacement relays for the KLM 436-18C
>and 2M-14C polarity switching boards?  It looks like both of mine are
>shot.  The original relays were manufactured by Guardian Electric, model
># 1365.
>-Freeman, N5FPP

Hi Freeman
When mine went bad I just looked the relay over and found which contacts 
were the normally closed contacts. This will have the antenna in RHCP and I 
just took a small piece of #14 wire and patched the 2 contact together. I 
never did find the proper relays because the jumper worked so well that I 
didn't miss having the option of LHCP. You can put the jumper in line so 
you can use the antennas until you find the relays. If you find any please 
put it on the list for all to see. My klm antennas are now retired to only 
field day and demo use.

At one time I remember someone was working on making new boards for the 
antennas I have no idea if he ever got them done.

Think about it .....
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