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Re: major AMSAT outreach project

I disagree with the statement that it's "money down the tubes".  I
personally have no problem with my membership dues being use to fund and
support ARISS.  

I truly believe that the efforts to promote amateur radio on the ISS
have increased public awareness of our hobby and our contributes to
space and communications technologies.  Literally hundreds if not
thousands of school children have been able to share a moment with
astronauts and to learn they too could possible be part of something
bigger than themselves.  ARISS has helped me and my children to
rediscover space heroes with Mike Fincke.  ARISS and AMSAT are part of
the reasons I have returned to ham radio after such a long hiatus.  I am
a user of the equipment on the ISS and have enjoyed every contact I have
made via the packet and cross band repeater.

I would be very disappointed if AMSAT did not support ARISS.

-Freeman, N5FPP

On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 16:32, Dave Guimont wrote:
> ************clipped**************
> >Is AMSAT spending membership dues on NASA project (ARISS) or is this 
> >outreach program funded by direct donations like the satellite program 
> >(EAGLE). if membership dues are being used for this why? ----
> ****************clipped*************
> Gregg, I've asked the same question on here several time, and never did get 
> an answer???
> I'm GUESSING that AMSAT money is being spent on ARISS; and maybe that is 
> why we never get an answer...Money down the tubes, in my opinion...
> ARRL does all the hype about it, I also wonder how much they are 
> contributing to that pot..If they are the staunch supporters, they should 
> assume the whole project......
>             73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                     Disagree: I learn.... 
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