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RE: major AMSAT outreach project - Meisse Reply -

Greg & all,
AMSAT dues are spent to: "Do the works of AMSAT."  Included in these efforts
are the publication of our Journal, specific satellite publications, and
other items of an educational nature, guarding the spectrum we all use and
enjoy (FCC filings), an educational outreach program that includes mentoring
Universities in their quest of satellite building skills (our future bird
builders), participating in the joint NASA, ARRL, & AMSAT  ARISS project
that brings the excitement of Ham radio and space to K-12 grade students,
the operation of an annual space symposium, the operation of a bird building
Lab, as well as the design, construction, and launch of addition satellites.
Additionally, we provide such member services as mail aliasing, the ANS
(AMSAT News Service), and the AMSAT-bb reflector just to name a few. We also
operate a full time office, answering members' phone questions, directing
mailings, making arrangements, answering mail, collecting the money, paying
the bills, and all the other nitty-gritty elements of running an association
with thousands of members.

Your Board of Directors work very hard at juggling all these balls to
provide the most bang for the buck. Dues don't begin to cover all these
efforts. Dues are supplemented with income from publications, software,
symposiums, President's Club donations, special donations, as well as
special fund drives like the, just successfully completed, "ECHO Launch

You need to view the whole picture. It is not about" "what dues pay for".

Gunther Meisse
AMSAT Treasurer

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"The combining of the Symposium and the ARISS international gathering was a
great opportunity for all of us to meet international partners and get to
know even more about this major AMSAT outreach project"

Is AMSAT spending membership dues on NASA project (ARISS) or is this 
outreach program funded by direct donations like the satellite program 
(EAGLE). if membership dues are being used for this why? 
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