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AO-51 PL tone.. NOT?

10/14/04 0318z AO-51 pass HIJACKED ...

The downlink xmtr was captured by a carrier with some commercial tv or 
radio in the background from 0318z to LOS (0326z EN75).

Only K6Yk (John) was able to punch through. He was heard to exclaim 
"Holy Moley, isn't this nice? Ya gotta luv it!" ...QRM.... "Copy that 
Howard? (K6IA?)"...

Also heard on the pass: K5AUW, N5UXT, KL7QR, XE1AQX, W0EEC, KL7QR, 
VA6MJT AC6P, W6ARQ, AB0LR, and others...

This poses the question: is the PL tone actually operational on AO-51? 
The spurious QRM often heard on the bird tells me NO! I will test this 
hypothesis on the 10/15 0311z pass (78 deg. from EN75). I will xmit with 
no PL at that time.

I'm just a newbie with an HT and an Arrow so I may be way out of line 
here, but we'll see if the emperor has clothes ;-)

Having Fun,
John Meeks
Northern Michigan
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