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Re: Symposium Attendance


It should be noted that this year's symposium was one of the bigger 
ones.  So I wouldn't say it wasn't a big event.  Also, from the perspective 
of the number of members we have, I think it is great that a big percentage 
of our membership chose to spend their valuable money and time to attend 
and participate in the symposium.  Maybe my calculations are wrong, but 
there was considerably more than 1% of the membership at the meeting.  I 
think it was more on the order of 4-5% which is pretty good.

It is too bad that you didn't attend the symposium because the talks were 
stimulating and, in some cases so inspirational that they brought tears to 
some of those in attendance.  I think by only having the meeting once every 
two years we lose a lot of momentum on satellite development.  We should 
not do this.  Also, it is required for us to have an annual meeting and 
this get together serves that purpose.

It is AMSAT's intent to not use its budget for the symposium.  The 
registration fees are intended to pay for all symposium costs.  My team was 
able to save considerable costs due to the team having various local 
capabilities (e.g. A/V equipment) available.  Having the ARISS meeting in 
conjunction with the AMSAT meeting also meant that we could share (reduce) 
costs and increase attendance.

Regarding where we have these meetings, we have them where we can get a 
volunteer team to support it.  Are you interested in volunteering???  I did 
and am glad I did.

73,  Frank

At 04:59 PM 10/13/2004 -0500, Greg Wycoff wrote:
>177 is not very many turning out for such a big event, why not have the 
>symposium every other year then AMSAT could save some money and it could 
>go towards the AMSAT satellite program. If less than 1% of the members can 
>make it then why have it, or at least have it where the greatest number of 
>members reside but agian that would require AMSAT to have a DATA base on 
>its members.
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>>I don't have the final statistics but there were at least 170 attendees. 
>>We had 177 come to the banquet.
>>I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who came to the 
>>meeting, presented papers and contributed to the proceedings.  The 
>>proceedings document is nearly double the size of previous years. If you 
>>don't have a proceedings, I would suggest calling Martha to reserve one.
>>And a special thanks to all those who volunteered their time and talent 
>>to make the 2004 Space Symposium and Annual Meeting an outstanding 
>>success. Great job!!
>>I enjoyed seeing everyone at the symposium as well as working with the 
>>volunteer team to make the 2004 Space Symposium the outstanding success 
>>that it was.
>>73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
>> >Hi Dan,
>> >Or anyone that attended this one...how many attended the meeting?
>> >I would like to see the next one on the west (right!) coast.....I don't
>> >have the talent to put one together, but perhaps I can find someone that
>> >would...
>>             73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
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