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Re: cost for streaming audio at the symposium...

We had many discussions about streaming audio/video from the 
Symposium.  Some think we should do it out of course; many thought if we 
did it it would discourage attendance at the symposium if you could attend 
in real time without having to pay for it. The biggest group was probably 
leaning towards providing it for members only, since this would fall under 
the category of a membership benefit.

I'm sure we will have more information before the next Symposium. It is 
something we would like to do, but there are issues:

- $400 may not seem like much, but then add to that the cost of a reliable 
streaming server to reflect the symposium feed.
- To offset this cost out of membership dues would require a huge number of 
new members (we still have to send out the Journal etc.)
- we would probably have to plan in advance to make sure the hotel had 
excess capacity.
- Increasing the cost to Symposium attendees to provide this seems unfair 
since it would largely benefit non-attendees.

So while we are considering it, it will depend on several factors.

One other item - what hotels consider "high speed" isn't necessarily high 
speed.  The hotel was charging $9.95 per day (per room) for a 65K 
upstream/256K downstream "high speed" connection.  Many people subscribed 
for one day and gave up since they felt it wasn't even that good.  The 
hotel firewall also blocked some critical ports that people wanted to use 
(some of the VPN and VoIP ports, for example.)



At 05:32 PM 10/11/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>"The hotel wanted $400 to provide high speed internet in the meeting room
>during the weekend of the meeting, the symposium committee decided not to pay
>for it. That was the main reason for not streaming the audio"
>Why would $400. be a factor, the AMSAT symposium is the biggest meeting 
>that AMSAT puts on. Having the streaming audio during this event is not 
>going to make people stay home, those who are going to go, are going to 
>go, but for those who cant make it there, would have it and could enjoy 
>the presentations that are made and stay up to date on things. That is a 
>small price to pay when you look at some of the other ways AMSAT spends 
>your money.
>What better way to get exposer for a event such as this.
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