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RE: cost for streaming audio at the symposium...

We had a lot of other things that we were working on to make the symposium
happen and setting up for streaming internet audio was beyond what we were
able to accomplish with the manpower and womanpower that we had available. At
the last minute I brought the video gear and got it hooked up just before the
first session began. We will produce a CD with audio and all of the speaker's
powerpoint slides as soon as humanly possible, after I take care of a few
things that I have been neglecting including my job, schoolwork, front yard
and XYL (probably in that order). Instead of collecting a subscription fee,
which would have been another burden on the committee, you will be able to
obtain an audio CD with the powerpoint slides for a small donation at the
Amsat store, which you can listen to at your leisure without having to spend
an entire weekend glued to your computer in real time, and you will have the
slides to follow along with the presentations.

As for airline fares, Amsat-NA holds its meetings in October or early November
when airline fares are usually in the low season. We put extensive advice on
the web site to help you find the lowest possible air fare to Washington. We
choose the least expensive hotel that we could find in the Washington area.
Everything we did was with the idea of keeping costs low so that as many
members as possible could attend. Amsat also holds its meetings in a different
part of the country each year so that widely dispersed members eventually get
a chance to attend a meeting near their hometown at least every few years. We
always need new members to step forward and agree to sponsor the symposium in
their city. In some years the meeting was awarded to a particular city because
they were the only ones who submitted a proposal. We have not been on the west
coast in quite a few years so if someone in the mountain or pacific time zones
would like to come forward for the 2006 meeting please assemble your committee
and give Amsat a call. 

The retired Echo thermometer is currently hanging in my garage. I will deliver
it back to Martha next time I have occasion to visit the office

Dan Schultz N8FGV

>Why for all original ideas those ideas who makes the world 
>goes a step forward always come from outsiders? AMSAT should 
>know many members cannot afford intercontinental flight fares 
>and they are duly paying members.

>As they said better luck next time.

>Why would $400. be a factor, the AMSAT symposium is the biggest 
>meeting that AMSAT puts on. Having the streaming audio during 
>this event is not going to make people stay home, those who are 
>going to go, are going to go, but for those who cant make it there, 
>would have it and could enjoy the presentations that are made and 
>stay up to date on things. That is a small price to pay when you 
>look at some of the other ways AMSAT spends your money.

>What better way to get exposer for a event such as this.

>Why not have those who use the streaming audio pay for it?  
>If each user paid a nominal fee (such as $5) for the entire 
>Symposium, it would only require about 80 subscribers to pay 
>for the feed.

>Thanks to the members at the symposium and the generosity of our 
>matching-funds donor, the total was reached.  The thermometer was 
>retired at the general meeting on Saturday.
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