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Re: Magnetism VS polarity

On 11 Oct 2004 at 23:27, David B. Toth wrote:

Answers in the text

> Luc: I think it would be best if you had someone translate things for you

Thank's i never refuse help when trying to learn another language! It is 'obvious' as you said that english 
is not my first language. Just to inform you my spanish is even worse and i need help there too.  As an amsat 
member you probably noted the NA after AMSAT this mean North America and if we extend it this mean 
international. Your suggestion makes even more sense could be more french on AMSAT-NA communications will be 

This 'entrée en matière" give me the CHANCE to congratulate and thank's Emily Clarke WØEEC for this french 
page on the new AMSAT web site.


She probably received help on this page, i will ask her to refer me the name...

I wrote "How can we understand this:  " If you want your voice heard, attend the meeting" and " The meeting 
was then adjourned to the "attitude adjustment" portion of the gathering."
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