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RE: cost for streaming audio at the symposium...

Why not have those who use the streaming audio pay for it?  If each user
paid a nominal fee (such as $5) for the entire Symposium, it would only
require about 80 subscribers to pay for the feed.

Ken Ernandes, N2WWD

> Why would $400. be a factor, the AMSAT symposium is the biggest meeting
> AMSAT puts on. Having the streaming audio during this event is not going
> make people stay home, those who are going to go, are going to go, but for
> those who cant make it there, would have it and could enjoy the
> presentations that are made and stay up to date on things. That is a small
> price to pay when you look at some of the other ways AMSAT spends your
> money.

Why for all original ideas those ideas who makes the world goes a step
forward always come from outsiders?
AMSAT should know many members cannot afford intercontinental flight fares
and they are duly paying members.

As they said better luck next time.
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