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Re: cost for streaming audio at the symposium...

At 06:32 PM 10/11/2004, Greg Wycoff wrote;
>"The hotel wanted $400 to provide high speed internet in the meeting room
>during the weekend of the meeting, the symposium committee decided not to pay
>for it. That was the main reason for not streaming the audio"
>Why would $400. be a factor, the AMSAT symposium is the biggest meeting 
>that AMSAT puts on. Having the streaming audio during this event is not 
>going to make people stay home, those who are going to go, are going to 
>go, but for those who cant make it there, would have it and could enjoy 
>the presentations that are made and stay up to date on things. That is a 
>small price to pay when you look at some of the other ways AMSAT spends 
>your money.
>What better way to get exposer for a event such as this.

         I agree..........I was able to attend this year, but it is not 
always possible.
The cost of the high speed internet connection at $400 is a bit much but when
the Symposium is held in the more sane parts of the country, it may not be 
as high.
I think it should be considered for next year and to include the BoD meeting.

         Thanks to Frank KA3HDO and his team for a great time.

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