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Re: Live updates from the Symposium

The hotel wanted $400 to provide high speed internet in the meeting room
during the weekend of the meeting, the symposium committee decided not to pay
for it. That was the main reason for not streaming the audio, along with the
fact that no one came forward and offered to do it. 

We did make video recordings of the talks, with poor quality camera work but
the audio in the parts of the tape that I have looked at sounds OK. We are
planning to make digital audio files and will offer them on a CD along with
the speaker's slide presentations for a small donation to Amsat as soon as we
can get 16 hours of tape transcribed. I don't think 16 hours of video will fit
on a CD but if you know some way to do it please get in touch with me. We will
make an announcement when the (audio) CD is ready. Stay tuned. 

Dan Schultz N8FGV

>Not expected to happen this year.  The Symposium committee 
>didn't plan for it.



>On 10/8/04 4:21 PM, "James French W8ISS" <w8iss@wideopenwest.com> wrote:

> Any chances of some of the symposium going out on either realaudio
> or netmeeting/gnomemeeting?
> James W8ISS
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