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satellite documentation software available

A new version of SATDOC program has just been released for creating
files with individual satellite characteristics captured
from Amsat News Service bulletins published via Internet or packet radio.

Two output mode options can be selected. In normal mode (default),
the program will create files named after the satellite catalog
number (for example, 14129.sat for Amsat Oscar 10). This is the
option to be used for FBB BBS usage.
In inverted mode (option -i) the documentation files are created
with satellite names (ex : AO-10.sat for Amsat Oscar 10).
This option is more convenient for local consultation of satellite
characteristics files on your computer (i.e. transponder or beacon
frequencies, date of launch, operating mode, availability, etc...)

The most recent version of the program can be downloaded from
Select the directory corresponding to the program version you need
with your operating system (dos for 16 bit MSDOS, linux or windows)
Then select the directory for the language ('en' for english, 'fr'
for french). Then download the executable program.

Proposed patch for F6FBB's BBS satellite consultation :

In order to facilitate the interrogation of satellite characteristics by 
I proposed a small patch for F6FBB BBS software.
With my modification a "*" is displayed together with the satellite name 
a characteristic file is available for a specific satellite.

The patch can be found here :


Any remark or comment is welcomed.

73 de Bernard, f6bvp.
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