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Larry and I had begun a serious effort at taking the Brendan trophy.  Shann
and I had the joy of renewing our friendship with Larry and Jo this past
summer.  We spent a few lovely days on his island in Newboro lake and we
laid great plans for conquering the world.  I am just crushed by this news.
He and Jo have spent the last few years struggling to finish their "castle
on the lake" and idyllic does not begin to describe what they have achieved.
I am uncertain that Jo will be able to continue to live out there alone.
Keep the Kayser family in your prayers if you do that please.

It is hard to describe the kind of person Larry was.  He was often
and had a gruff exterior but with his trust placed fully in the Lord, he
never let that get him down.  Larry was a large contributor (technically)
to a major effort at satellite and shortwave Christian broadcasting and that
effort will be devastated with his passing.

Many of you may know that Larry conducted the first transatlantic QSO on
137 Khz.  I want to tell some of that story and another one so you can get a
for the person and why I liked him so much.

When Larry decided to take on a project, ANY project, whether it was finding
battery for UO-11 or working on the Microsat bootloader project with Hugh
or taking the 137 Khz qso or the Brendan trophy or works on behalf of the
there was only one way to do it:  FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Larry waited until he retired to attempt to do the 137 Khz QSO but it was
in planning before that.  As he retired, he encouraged his replacement (who
wanted his support to get it) to cede control over an old Canadian Bell
microwave tower that was no longer in use.  It contained a 350 foot
self supporting tower that was used for those old time Bell system microwave
horns.  Larry wrote code to do his DSP tricks to find the signal and fed the
tower and began transmitting/receiving on the agreed interval with his
in England.   He began to understand that he had inadequate ground so he
miles and miles of copper wire for a grounding system.  The signals improved
and he occasionally got enough copy that he could identify the partners
but he could not complete the QSO.  He began to worry and then hit upon a
"Kayser plan".   Every year, especially after a warm winter,  the local
road maintenance crews have rock salt left over.   He brought in and dumped
on the ground system close to ONE HUNDRED truck loads of rock salt.  The
on the antennas and ground system were flowing big time soon thereafter and
within weeks, the QSO was complete.

You can go to the site now and you will be unable to tell this ever happened
it is overgrown and lush again but this is so Larry, I hoped you would enjoy
and get some small mental picture of this indomitable spirit.

When we were doing the Microsat work, and Kayser wanted to gauge what was
he would fly down to the states and visit me in my old home.  He was the
or guide on the boot loader project and we would beat it up in the Microsat
CPU and make sure it could load Harold's SCOS and do other things that were

When the time came, and we had trouble communicating with Dove, it was Larry
came up with the idea of hacking the boot loader so that it would never emit
NAK but only ACKS so you could "hear" ack's and tell the loader to proceed.
rewrote the remote loader and away we went, saving something of the Dove
mission. He
invariably brought house warming gifts.  He brought a Dremel tool,  my first
Weller soldering station, etc.  It was just SO Kayser, and I was grateful to
and he love carrying on conversations with Shann and I late into the night.
He is also the same guy that spent many a night in Tom Clark's den sleeping
the couch while satellite projects where built.

When it came time to control a misbehaving Oscar,  Larry built a tape system
in his
basement, and ran almost a MILE of audio tape in that basement to
command the spacecraft repeatedly to behave.  Many do not know that story or
much they owe this dedicated person.  He was possibly the most unique
I have met in my decades with AMSAT. We are much the poorer without him.

As he neared retirement and became more intense in his relationship with the
he pulled back some from AMSAT and turned more to the church but the AMSAT
came roaring back after Rick Hambly and I made efforts to bring him back.
He has
given me the remainder of the cells used to select the UO-11 batteries.  He
begun writing about a project he felt strongly about on the AMSAT BB and I
to say the least proud of our efforts to have this great thinker back on

Did I mention we were setting out to conquer the world?  I believe with
we might have succeeded.

I am just heart broken.


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I have just learned that Larry Kayser, VA3LK passed away suddenly on October
5, 2004.  I am sure many of us have fond memories of Larry.

73, Martha - AMSAT Manager
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