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Re: Sputnik I launched Oct. 4 1957

On 5 Oct 2004 at 19:17, Graham Shirville wrote:

> I think it was only 47 years ago so I was 9 years old!
> I remember listening on my parents "radiogram" a piece of smart furniture
> that incorporated a radio and record player.
> It covered "SW" and I convinced myself that I heard the signal
> I doubt that I did but anyway the passion fire was lit that day and space is
> still important to me as a result!
> ah memories!
> 73
> Graham G3VZV

I look at an old RCA AR 88 receiver on my desk who was probably used to copy Sputnik-1 in 1957. If some are 
counting their age at that time in years i should count mine in months:) To be as exact as possible 20 
months. In 1977 the same number has been expressed in years and i was at that time a proud AMSAT-NA 
supporter, i even convince my local ham club to joigned. We buy a solar cell. Are sattellites more affordable 
in the seventies?

It was the satellites honeymoon years...and yes i'm not coming out the bottle by magic and yes it takes time 
to voices my ideas but i'm still supporting AMSAT-NA. All my hopes remains high.  

Did yours are still high?

Something new, something old, something blue.

Proof on www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

P.O. Box 341
Sorel-Tracy  QC.
J3P 5N6
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