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TS-790 / TS-2000 comparison

I have a TS-790 and a TS-2000.  I've noticed that my TS-790 is
considerably deaf compared to my TS-2000.  When I was shopping for a
second rig, many of the reports I read said that the TS-790 was very
sensitive and compared well to newer rigs.

On tonight's pass of AO-7, I decided to listen to the various CW signals
I was hearing on both rigs.  I have my station configured to allow easy
switching between rigs and antennas, I used the same antenna, preamp,
and transmission lines for both radios.  I noticed a subjective
difference of 3 to 5db difference in reception between the TS-2000 and
the TS-790.  The TS-2000 was considerably more sensitive and the
received signal was much louder and distinguishable compared to the
surrounding noise.

I realize this may be an unfair comparison with the TS-2000 having a DSP
at the IF level compared to no DSP, but it was such a remarkable
difference I'm wondering if I have a TS-790 that may have a problem.

Could anyone who has had or has a TS-790 give me a comment or two about
their own experiences?

-Freeman, N5FPP
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