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Big 4.5m Dish for Non-Profit group

4.5m dish on trailer available for non-profit:

For drivers at the AMSAT meeting with time on their hands
there is a big mobile trailer 4.5 meter dish available for
donation to any non-profit just off route 395 in Alexandria.

See pictures on: http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/dish-dc.html

Those pictures are now a year old and so the rust is probably
worse.  But the owner still wants to get rid of the trailer and
dish, so I thought I may as well make mention of it one more
time.  Maybe I will get over there to look this time...

Here are the directions if you want to take a look as you  
approch the AMSAT conference up 395 from the south...

>From 95N: Proceed on 395N, get off at the first Edsall Road exit,
staying to
the right. Follow the right hand curve around the exit ramp, then to
left. The second street on the right, make that right. This will be
Washington Way.The first intersection you come to (Road from the left)
General Green Way. Go past this intersection. There is a long building
your left as you pass General Green Way. At the end of this building,
is a driveway for the building,then right next to it is Stepenson way
the left). Stephenson Printing is right next to Stephenson Way. Turn
left on
Stephenson Way, at hte botom of the hill, the drive splits, go to the
Stop and look up to your right, the Dish on a Trailer is top of that
hill, right outside of the gate.

>From 395S: Take the second exit for Edsall road. Upon leaving the exit,
in the right lane. Cross the brige over 395, and look for the right
turn to take you into the Edsall road Industrial park. The rest of the
directions are the same as above....

The dish is 100% free.If anyone asks you what you are doing, tell 
you are inspecting the CSPAN dish that is up for donation.

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