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RE: Help with 9.6Kbps with TS-2000 and DSP-2232


I have a DSP-2232, but not the TS-2000.  Sine it works at all, it sounds as
if you have it basically right, but a bit of tweaking is needed.

I always had good results on the pacsats at 9600 baud, though I have not
tried the newer birds.  Looking at my old files, I find that I have UBIT 19
off.  FWIW, I did not use the configuration file in WISP, but just chose
modem 18 in the satellite setup, as all the other settings were default.

However, have you a good way to set deviation?  Unlike the 1200 baud birds,
9600 is very picky, and over or under deviation is a killer on throughput.



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Paul A. Gigot
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