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Help with 9.6Kbps with TS-2000 and DSP-2232

I'm stumped.

I have a TS-2000 connected to a DSP-2232 and I'm trying to interact with
9.6kbps sats like GO-32 and AO-51.  I am using wisp, but I don't think
wisp is my problem.  I can work GO-32 only under certain conditions, and
I have never been able to work AO-51 when it has been open.

When I am able to hear and decode GO-32, it is typically going away from
me, with the best results near LOS.  I can request and get directory
fills, but I have never been able to download a file.
Though out the pass I get S9+20 to S9+40 signal with a preamp at the
antenna (22 element cross yagi).  Could this be an issue with

I have the TS-2000 connected to the DSP-2232 via the ACC2 connector
using the following cabling:

       DSP-2232            TS-2000 (ACC2)

       1 (Mic)       ----> 11 (PKD - Mic in)
       2 (GND)       <---> 12 (GND)
       3 (PTT)       ---->  9 (PKS - PPT)
       4 (Rx Audio)  <----  3 (MANO - Main audio)
       5 (Sql Input) <----  5 (MSQ - Main squelch)

When running 9.6Kbps I set menu setting 50F (Data rate; External TNC) to
9600.  I set menu 50A (Packet filter bandwidth) off.  I have tried
adjusting menu setting 50C (Main Band AF Output Level for Packet) and
the input level POT on the DSP-2232 without much change in behavior.

For both AO-51 and GO-32 I use the following "MSPE TNC Startup" file in
the respective satellite directories.

    mycall N5FPP
    modem 18        (selects 9.6Kbps modem)
    monitor 6       (enables UI packet passing)
    expert on       (turns on expert mode)
    ubit 0 off      (disables discarding packets due to weak signal)

Of course all of this configuration works great with ISS and AO-16 at
1200 bps.

Any ideas on how to improve performance and enable contacts with AO-51?

-Freeman, N5FPP
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