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Re: Echo and CW


> I had the thought that, since most folks were watching the waterfall
> the slow cw used for VLF (on 136 KHz over here) would be visible and
> off-screen as well. Obviously it would not need to be as slow as they use
> VLF though. Richard G3RWL

I was thinking about the same -- decoding CW using the waterfall display
similar to the way it's done with VLF work. The dits and dahs shouldn't be
hard to read depending on signal strength, waterfall speed, code speed etc.

I also thought about working CW through AO-51 in the normal fashion, but
with mutiple users, one would have to use that filter between the ears to
concentrate on the one signal : ). Having been in HF pile-ups before, it's
not too hard as long as there aren't too many signals bunched too close

73, Tony KT2Q
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