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Re: ECHO PSK-31 test report

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 12:54:44PM -0400, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Regarding future PSK-31 experiments on ECHO...
> 1)  This experiment's PRIME objective (as originally defined
> in the PCSAT2 and RAFT satellite designs) has always  been
> to provide a MULTI-USER FDMA transponder to get away
> from the limitations of an FM transponder and get back to
> a multi-user shared transponder...  PSK-31 was the obvious
> choice (though CW is also possible)...

I have wondering why you guys were not suggesting cw as well. Obviously,
it could work as well.

I have also been wondering how wide the audio bandwidth of the dl rx is and
how wide the audio bw of the tx is as well. I suppose the information
is buried in the echo docs somewhere. Copying cw at say, 15khz would be
most amusing.

> 2)  But so that we dont frustrate users, then we also allow
> narrowband CW as well, at ONE ERP level ONLY.
> This lets many more people participate on these days of
> the experiment until we get the PSK-31 stuff working..
> *** But maybe this is counter productive.  If one high power
> CW station gets on there and BLASTS the AGC, then he

or she.

> To handle the high rate Doppler on CW,  we can use
> the venerable human brain for now.... but avoid hitting

Sure. It's pretty easy copying dopplering cw. It's not so easy
copying 15khz by ear though.

I am going to go dig in case the info is in the docs already.

- Diane VA3DB
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