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John G0ORX/N6LYT reports:
I have used the IC-PCR-1000 for 38k4 on UOSAT-12.  Just take the output from
the 'Packet' connector as you would with 9k6, but do not use the Wide FM
setting, just use the 50KHz FM setting and as long as you track the doppler
it should be no problem.

Jean-Louis F6AGR reports that he uses an IC-PCR1000 + Symek TNC3S to receive
38k4 from AO-51.

Deon ZS1ZL

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Chow, as far as I can determine the serial cable is a plain ordinary one.
Mine came from an unknown source but is a simple DB9 to DB9 device.  Your
question regarding using the 9600 port on the PCR-1000 for 38k4 is a good
one.  I'll be interested in what you find.   Cliff K7RR

"Chow Q. C. (9W2QC)" wrote:
> Hello Group,
>         I have an ICOM IC-PCR1000 that I wish to use for satellite work.
> However, I have misplaced the serial cable and am now in the process of
> making a new one.  Does anyone know whether it's a straight serial cable
> a null modem type cable as I can't seem to find this information anywhere?
>         Also, I have heard of this radio being capable of receiving 38k4
> packets.  Is it really possible to connect this radio (via the 9k6 Packet
> connector) to a TNC3S for example and receive 38k4 packets without any
> modification being done on both the radio and TNC?
> Many thanks in advance and best 73,
> Chow Q. C.,
> 9W2QC.
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