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Re: PSK31 and ECHO questions

>>> "Mark L. Hammond" <mlhammond@charter.net> 9/7/04 6:20:44 PM >>>
> how Echo will receive USB signals and translate that 
>into an FM signal for us on the earth end to decode.

Just like your SSB receiver does.  Multiple PSK-31 sigs
in, a single audio channel out.   In this case, the 
audio is transmitted to the ground on an FM signal
so you can hear them all in the 3 KHz passband.

Its beautiful because everyone sees the same waterfall
and can adjust to be where they want to be and stay

I wrote a paper a few years ago for the AMSAT
symposium back when we proposed the idea...
I think I have a web page on it too....


de WB4APR, Bob
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