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Okay folks, explain this "non-profit" status to me.  Say my name is Bill, or
Melinda, or Paul and I am interested in satellites in general...in fact, I'm
so interested that I once got with a few guys and wanted to put up a
constellation to rival the Iridium system.  Well, it turns out, that just
really wasn't the right time for that idea...but, I'm still interested in
satellites.  I just happen to have a friend that tells me about a group of
satellite enthusiasts that are amateur radio folks...and of course, they're
under funded for their projects.  Now, since I still have that undying
interest in satellites and I am pretty much well set financially, what keeps
me from joining and making a contribution of $20 million?  Is that any
different from me reaching for my check book and sending in $100 bucks?

There are always solutions...maybe this is a "harebrained" idea...but at
least it's a positive outlook. All things are possible, some take effort and
some we find to be much easier than we expected....does it hurt to ask?

de Tim, K4SHF
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