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Re: eagle costs

On Sunday 05 September 2004 13:09, you wrote:
> If I remember correctly the cost to orbit (LEO) a pint of water is $10K.
> That is launch costs alone assuming free water and a free container.  If
> you were going to choose one mode to orbit it should be mode B or mode J
> they have a larger user base than L/S.
> 73,
> Joe

Hi Joe,
   mode B or J would have a larger base for sure, but the idea was for a 
smaller and therefore cheaper sat to launch, mode B or J  you would be hard 
pressed to come up with high gain antennas in a small space or lacking gain 
now you need more power, bigger solar array, bigger sat, with  L/ S  the idea 
of a 3 foot dish on one end of a sat comes to mind with a nice amount of 
gain :-)

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