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Re: mode L/S

Mike and Jeff, It sure was fun and I even diconnected coax and fed a 
different rig midway through the pass ! Good job Mike. Downlink sounded very good 
here. I seem to have come into a problem I need to look into. Seems my 2.4 preamp 
directly on the patchfeed is becoming overloaded when I am transmitting into 
the 1.2 patch and I am unable to hear the downlink while transmitting. Funny 
but I never experianced that before on AO-40. I havent used L/S since Jan. so 
maybe something is up with the Khune pre-amp or patches themselves. Hello  
Rick!!!!,  if you are reading this..what do you think? Was kinda tough knowing if I 
was making it into the bird while adjusting for doppler by hand and ear and 
not being able to hear full duplex. I think I need to move the rotator a few 
degrees east also. I will  check things out again on the morning pass, up the 
Atlantic. Thanks again for your efforts Mike. Wen. Is the day I look forward 

                      73 Pete NA2P
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