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SETI at Home concerns


This is only slightly off-topic, as I'm a member of the AMSAT group for
"setiathome". It is also acronym-rich and so not for everyone.

Can any of the other participants shed light on what's going on with BOINC
and how it contacts SETI at Home and Predictor?

My experience is that SETI at Home is particularly poor at being 'up' when
my computer tries to contact it for works units, hence my credit count is
around 35 andstatic for certainly at least several days or even a week that
I can recall. Predictor is 'up' far more regularly and my credit count is
almost 1000 for the same period. It's to the stage when I'm almost ready to
give up on SETI at Home.

Please understand that I am aware that BOINC has had teething troubles, and
that on the eastern seabord of Australia I am ~17-18 hours ahead of Berkeley
so they may be doing things with servers when the main US 'market' might be
off-line. However, it's beyond BETA testing, surely.

Just asking,
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