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Re: NoN Technical (operational) questions

On Wednesday 18 August 2004 20:46, Alain De Carolis wrote:
> > I hate to open this can of worms, but with all of the recent mentions of
> > MEMBERS-ONLY satellites MEMBERS-ONLY bb, etc, an idea comes to mind.
> > Instead of an all or nothing approach, how about 'try before you buy'?
> "Try before you buy" ?!? I tought this was Amateur Radio!
> Excuse me, I am not an Amsat Member, but could you please explane what am I
> supposed to buy If I would eventually pay to use your satellite?
> Isnt your satellite using part of MY radio spectrum in amateur radio bands?
> Anyway the idea of a secret uplink is probably out of our times.
> We are in year 2004, not in the 30's...
> > I'm not proposing that we exclude anyone, but the 'honor system' rarely
> > works for the office coffee pot, much less a $600,000 satellite. I agree
> > with what many others have said, non-members do not have much incentive
> > to pay.
> >
> > Ideas?
> If the "honor system" does not work for a $600,000 satellite, then a
> $600,000 satellite does not work for Amateur Radio.
> Amateur Radio is and should always be FREE for everyone, everywhere.
> Hiding uplinks, or applying any other mean to avoid non members using the
> sat means EXCLUDING people from amateur radio and that is really really
> bad.
> I would become an opponent of "private" satellites in the amateur radio
> spectrum and do my best to boycott such initiatives.
> If you guys want to gain more members you should really re-think the
> worldwide distribution of AMSAT and the quality of the services you
> provide. (finally rebuilding the website is a step in the right direction)
> Closing access to the satellites could be the end of Amsat, and also the
> end of Satellite Amateur Radio.
> best 73's de Alain
> iz6byy ww3ww
> ----

Hi Alain,
    I am a member and I agree with you that the satellite should not be 
closed, I don't like closed repeaters either since as you say the frequencies 
involved belong to all of us.

   Plus any sort of "secret frequency" or "secret PL" wouldn't stay secret for 
very  long...

  Amsat-NA should close up the earthly services to non members though and 
would be smart and in their right to do so... these things cost money to run 
and administrate,why should they be free...

Bottom line is still, it takes money to build and launch satellites, if you 
enjoy using sats  and don't want to help pay for them fine... no one can make 
But if everyone who uses them would chip in we would have more sats to use...

So join a Amsat group doesn't matter which one...

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