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Re: Metal crossbooms, HT's, QRP, Big guns on SO-51 ECHO

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 12:17:01PM -0400, HFDXJUNKIE@aol.com wrote:
> Group, FWIW- I have performed a few tests and they all fit into header 
> catagories...
> 1- Metal cross-boom, an arrow works fine, isnt the boom metal? 2 bands 
> full-duplexing and I always hear my downlink with no interaction.

The metal boom can distort the pattern. Seeing as the arrow
(or at least my arrow) is linearly polarised, it really makes no difference.
If there is pattern distortion, it can affect the circularity of a
circularly polarised beam. Turn it into an elliptically polarised beam.
That I suppose can matter in some cases.

People with more experience than I have with sats, have pointed out the
linear polarisation beams are probably better for LEOs unless you like
flipping from RH to LH all the time as the bird flips around.
(Roy, Drew and Bob. You know who you are, and thank you.) You don't
lose that much with the linear polarised beam for LEOs.


Hearing yourself as you talk, is a good indication that you might get
a reply. If you cannot hear yourself, then either your receiver or
transmitter system is not up to it, or someone has thrown a dead carrier
onto the bird. If you don't hear yourself, then don't bother.


> 5-Name calling, Negative views, chips on the shoulder really shouldnt be part 
> of this hobby, thats all it is , a HOBBY. Dont say anything you wouldnt say 
> to their face. How many of you didnt need help at one time or another? I want 
> to meet the guy who "Never asked a question". If you can answer that you never 
> did, well maybe you need  to think harder.

I think it would not be a bad idea if folks here did a little web searching
on "net etiquette" and "flamewars" in particular. "Flamewars" are as old
as email/bbs/usenet itself. It's the lack of one-to-one interaction
I suppose. Read up on it please. amsat-bb is particuarly prone to this
I find. Maybe hams think they already know how to communicate. ;-)

In any case, the quickest way to shut down a flamewar, is not to participate
in it. Don't reply. If the "noise" is annoying, its easy to filter with any mail
client I have used. (Yes, I will admit there are a few of you procmailed
out of my life.) Actually, I had not even known there was name calling
and a flame war going on here, until the last few posts. Sadly, I guess that
says something.

- Diane, VA3DB
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