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Re: Re: [advisors] Proposal for Portable/QRP day on AO-51


I don't think AMSAT needs to be bound by what others my define as QRP.  The
objective is to provide portable and mobile stations a reasonable
opportunity to use AO-51, not to adhere to some arbitrary definition of QRP
even though we may call it QRP Day.

Like speed limits, whatever is established has to be reasonable.  Otherwise,
no one will pay any attention to it.

As to an earlier comment regarding mobile antennas with 3 dB gain, that is
only true close to the horizon - max range.  The satellite doesn't have to
get very high before the gain drops markedly.  Thus, I submit that 25 Watts
transmitter power will not pose much of a problem.  What we are trying to
avoid on QRP Day is 150 Watts transmitter power, which is easily attainable,
even in mobiles, with solid state amps.


Bill, W3XO
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> If we are going to start to make exceptions they should be based on exact
> specifications, not "probably is about..." type speculations.  Since Arrow
> doesn't publish gain figures on their antennas, it's a guess as to what
> ERP would actually be.
> QRP is defined by the ARRL as the power at the transmitter, not ERP.  So
> you are going to have a QRP day, you are stuck with that
> definition.  Perhaps you should have an ERP day instead.
> However, since you can't enforce any of this anyway it's all nonsense. As
> far as I know the only people who can control access to and conditions of
> using the satellite are the control operators.
> 73,
> Emily
> At 06:43 AM 8/16/2004 -0800, Edward R. Cole wrote:
> >Bill and Drew,
> >
> >I believe a standard QRP-Day on AO-51 has merit.  If made official by
> >and the Echo-staff, I think it will be accepted and respected on the most
> >part.  I agree ERP is the fairest way to determine what will be called
> >but since the intent is to help HT operators with minimum antennas, I
> >a lower mobile ERP like 10w would be better.  Many folks run 3-dB gain
> >whips in mobile so that would still provide them with a good uplink.  5w
> >with an Arrow would be the upper limit to ERP and that probably is about
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