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Re: the big guns on the fm sats.

Hello Luc and All,

            I am recovering from knee surgery (a simple one--complex tear in
the meniscus) but your excellent humor in describing how some HTs and
weak-signal stations might have problems working Mode-J FM sats, almost made
me fall out of my chair.  I love the part... "Its like a discotheque with
200 males and one female... some male will not dance tonight with this

            Regardless of how anyone feels about a "QRP Weak Signal Day,"
"Big Guns," or whatever, they've got to appreciate your keen sense of humor
Luc.  That was beautiful!

            Two hours after I got home from surgery, I started building a
dual-band Yagi antenna, 3-elements on 2-mtrs and 5-elements on 435, complete
with a Diplexer--for portable Mode-J Sat use.  (I don't know whether that's
stupidity, dedication, or what... and I refuse to share what my wife
thinks.)   But when I can walk a little better, I'm going to try it out on
QRP with an HT.

            There are always some who make things look too easy.  I have
worked sats in the past with my HT, and I always felt it was a CHALLENGE.
Timing, pass, operator's skill, and sometimes just a bit of luck...it all

            I was fortunate to make some excellent contacts on AO-51 using
Mode-L on Wednesday, Experimenters Day, August 4, 2004.  I've enjoyed some
fine Mode-J FM contacts since, but I usually strive to make 1 to 4 contacts
on a given pass, then stop to allow others an opportunity to use the sat.

            I am looking forward to another HEO satellite which can support
DX and multiple station use via SSB Linear Transponders.

Enjoying Ham Radio,
Charlie Schlieper, N5TD
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