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QRP get no breaks. Another apology.

Looks like I'm next in line for apology's.  In my postings I made on this
subject, I at the time did not really know what an Area Coordinator was all
about.  When you think about $600,000 sats, the first thing to spring into
you're mind is not a volunteer kinda guy.  After doing some studying on the
web, I have found out that an Area Coordinator is not some kind of
organizational guru god, but a regular joe that knows something about the
hobby that volunteers his time to help out at the booths and help others get

So when I targetted my concerns about QRP and crowding on the sats to the a
position that I thought had some authority, I was completely wrong.  I know
for a fact that I have hurt one person in particular, and I have already
tried to make peace offline.  But to be fair, I want to whole heartly
apologies to Emily Clarke W0EEC, for any greif I may have caused you these
last couple days.  I now understand you are just a regular guy doing what
you can do to have fun in the hobby.

That being said, until we can fly another HEO, or AO-40''s primary battery
opens up so that we can get it to switch over to the secondary we are all
going to have to share the LEO's.

If you are just starting out (like me) or don't have a lot of equipment to
throw at it, just keep trying.  Its going to be tough because you are
working a bird that may other techincal sat operators are working too.
There are not that many technical birds for them to work at the moment and
we have to share what we have.  You may not make a lot of contacts per pass,
but if you keep at it, you WILL make at least one every other pass, to some
far off grid square.
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