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Re: Re: FT-847 data in/out port---an answer!

On Sat, 14 Aug 2004 17:42:55 -0400, Margaret Leber wrote:
> Cliff Buttschardt wrote:
>> Maggie and Don, looks like this is the answer.  Alan is one of our
>> AMSAT tech members so I tend to think he is knowledgeable.  He
>> steadfastly says that the data in/out port will not work on FM.
> Well, with due respect for people's knowlegableness, I record audio
> from the data port all the time, on all modes. Good thing I didn't
> know it doesn't work. ;-)
> See attached Baudline annotated screen shot.

An "AMSAT tech member"?

Not sure what that certification looks like but it would seem that one 
Maggie is worth two Don's.



73, Jeff--KE9V
AMSAT #28350
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