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Re: QRP get no breaks. Huh? (was Re:...)

On Saturday 14 August 2004 09:04, James R. Duffey wrote:
> Kevin - This is not a problem with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites; it is
> the result of transponders that can only support a single QSO at a time. It
> would be much the same if AO-51 were in a HEO. High power operators would
> just have a larger window to monopolize the bird and those who call and
> don't listen would have longer periods of time to complain about not being
> able to make a contact.
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> James R. Duffey KK6MC/5
> AMSAT LM 1718
> Cedar Crest NM 87008 DM65

All very true James...  all single channel birds except for pacsats suffer 
this fate...

 Leo's just make it more painfull since you wait and wait and here it comes 
and there it goes way too fast... so you can develop a low tolerance for 
people that hog it or abuse it...

HEO's give you time to try new things adjust  your setup  and the best part of 
all is since they are not single channel, the "lids"  "kids" and "space 
cadets" can do their "thing" and you can move elsewhere and carry on... 

the talk of Eagle only having a 20khz xponder make me nervous...

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