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Re: Who wants to offer AMSAT a ride?

Larry, VA3LK / WA3ZIA wrote:

>How about if AMSAT was proactive in being a full member of the space
>community and senior management saw AMSAT as an attractive participant
>that they wanted to be a part of their operation. What does AMSAT have
>to do to become an attractive participant for space launches?

>We can stand with our thumb out hoping to hitch a ride with some
>benevolent senior management support OR we can find a niche in the space
>business, build a base of specialized knowledge and become an active
>participant that brings tangible benefits to the space business community.

>As I read Bobís email, we are standing on the side of the road of
>opportunity with our thumb out. I contend that this position after 35
>years of existence is not good enough. We need to move to the next
>level, we do that by having a strategy to become a full participant in
>the space community, we make contributions to the community, we are
>recognized by those in the community as being a significant contributor
>to the good of the space community.

Some of us have given presentations and tried to sell Amsat at various Space
Advocacy conferences. The usual reaction is a yawn or complete indifference.
You would think that as one of the few amateur space groups that has actually
launched hardware into space, we would get a little more respect. The bottom
line is that Amsat is not a space exploration group, because the space
explorers have not been a faithful source of support. Only radio amateurs have
consistently been willing to dig into their pockets to pay for amateur radio
communications satellites, and that mission continues to define Amsat's core

Maybe that will change one day, but I don't see it happening. We have tried.
We will continue to try. Having a presence at professional meetings like the
Small Satellite Conference would have helped. I am hopeful that having the
annual meeting close to Washington DC might give us an opportunity to market
Amsat to the many space professionals who live in this area, if we can get
them to come to the meeting.

Emily Clarke, W0EEC, wrote:

>I would be totally against this.  AMSAT should never be seen as being 
>aligned with organizations that specifically mention military missions. It 
>could jeopardize everything AMSAT and it's affiliated organizations stand 
>against (nationalism, militarism.) While AIAA may claim to be neither of
>things, their website speaks otherwise.

The first few OSCARs starting in 1961 were launched piggyback on military and
CIA sponsored spy satellite missions. If the Air Force or one of the "black"
agencies were to offer us another ride into orbit, would you turn it down?
Dan Schultz N8FGV
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