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WiSP and XP Pro


I am running XP Pro here and WiSP runs as good as it does on my Win98SE machine. 
However the KCT driver included with the package is not compatible with anything 
after Win NT V 4.0. Even so, you must have the driver RR.DLL and RR.INI resident 
before WiSP will operate.  WiSP looks for it even though it doesn't use it in that case.

73, Roy -- W0SL

Reading the mail on the list it appears most of you are running WiSP under
win xp or win 2k. My question is the downloads sites don't mention a
compatibility with anything more recent than Win 98 se.Does it work with the
later programs ok as it is or is there another download for Win 2K etc ?
I would like to try it together with Mixw2, win2k and my soundcard.
Thanks in advance.
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