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Re: QRP get no breaks. Huh? (was Re:...)

On Friday 13 August 2004 15:26, Emily Clarke wrote:
> Greg,
> I think this is very a very unfair conclusion.  I've had 5 contacts with
> you on AO-51, and I have counted another 5 times where I've called you and
> got no response. I keep track of these events as my log has your callsign
> written in and is crossed off.
> So I don't think it's a matter of whether or not you are working 5
> watts.  Perhaps it's a matter of how you are working the satellite on 5
> watts.
> 73,
> Emily
> At 10:02 PM 8/12/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> >I've tried three nights now to get a long distant contact with the HT.  I
> >can make it in fine when I am not getting stepped on by the western area
> >coordinators.  If you make a contact on the pass, back away and let the
> >little guys call too.  The same people are making 6 to 8 contacts a pass
> > and not letting anyone else give it a try.
> >----

If I might be allowed to add my 2 cents worth, this is precisely why I don't 
like a lot of Leo's, they  can end up being a breakfast club with how's the 
fishing and hows the wx every day... or the late night club of the same 
people, just chalking up another contact blah blah blah  see you on the next 

It can even be more frustrating when they take up the entire pass ragchewing 
or going ahhh ahhh gee why am I not getting into the sat well tonight???
 And then you look and see and they all so close to each other that they could 
talk for hours on the local 2 meter repeaters.

Now I don't want to see a sat go unused either  but a Leo is a limited time

  A little consideration of other people wanting to get a slice of this pie 
might go a long way...

Now AO40 Please oh Please wake up .....

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