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Re: Ts-790 and TS

On 11 Aug 2004 at 19:41, Vincenzo Mone wrote:

> Hi to the list,
> since I have modified my TS-790E to enable the sub tone encoder to work
> AO-51 as described on www.mods.dk,I cannot use any more the repeaters
> because they need the 1750 tone to access in.
> Is there any possibility that I can use both them?
> Any help will be appreciated.
> 73 de Enzo IK8OZV.

If i'm not wrong your 1750 tone used to open your repeaters is a short tone or sub tone burst transmitted 
when you key down. Its not a countinous CTCSS tone as required on some european repeaters. 

The mods you refer to enable a sub tone operation at 1750 this sub tone remain on all the time when you 
transmit and some repeaters work this way. As per what i read you cannot change the tone frequency it seems 
to remain at 1750. The only one change is from audio tone burst to CTCSS sub tone.

AO-51 needs a 67hz CTCSS tone don't know if the hang time is long enough to permit operation with tone burst 
or sub tone burst? 

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